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  • Elder Law

    Elder law is a designated area of law that focuses on legal issues that people may face once they reach a certain age. Getting older is a complicated matter within itself, and it may be difficult for some to decide which legal documents they need in order to safeguard their property and assets.

    It may be overwhelming to consider, but we specialize in elder law and can help you with:

    • Estate Planning
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Medicaid Planning
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Probate Avoidance
  • Guardianship

    You want to elect someone who will be financially able and willing to raise your relatives if you and your spouse should pass away unexpectedly. Two types of probate guardianship are guardianship of a person, and guardianship of an estate. Often, the person who is elected for one type of guardianship is elected for the other type, as well, but it is not always the case.

    The estate guardian, like a guardian of a person, has a fiduciary duty to uphold. This means that the guardian must:

    • Manage and protect the property
    • Manage the money
    • Take care of the child or incapacitated individual to the best of their ability
  • Living Wills & Power of Attorney

    a living will or power of attorney is a legal document that states your healthcare wishes should you become incapacitated, injured, or too ill to make such choices. It may include which treatments you wish or do not wish to receive in order to sustain your life, such as a life-support machine or artificially administered food and/or water.

  • Wills

    The will is at the core of every basic estate plan. While the will allows you to name a personal representative to administrate your estate (someone who you trust), and while it allows you to decide who gets what and when, it serves many more purposes than that. Some of the immeasurable benefits of having a well-drafted will include:

    • It allows you to name a guardian for minor children.
    • You can appoint someone that you trust to act as the personal representative.
    • You can appoint someone to make health care or financial decisions on your behalf if you become too injured or incapacitated to make these decisions for yourself.
    • You can determine who receives your assets and property when you die.
    • You can select beneficiaries such as grandchildren or favorite charities who otherwise wouldn’t benefit from your generosity under Florida’s intestate succession laws.
  • Trusts

    A trust is a legal entity that holds property or assets for the person who created it, known as the grantor .A grantor can establish a trust to hold resources for themselves or for a beneficiary—a person who will benefit from the trust. The person or organization that manages the trust is known as the trustee. If desired, a person can be both the grantor and trustee, in order to manage their own assets and property until they pass away, at which time the beneficiary will receive the trust.

    People create trusts for a number of reasons:

    • To avoid the probate process
    • To lessen estate tax liability
    • To protect certain assets of their estate
    • Other benefits available with certain types of trusts


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